Want to Learn How To Skate? Visit Silver City Skateland

Silver City Skateland - Fun For The Whole Family-04Does roller skating attracts you like no other sport? You tried to play basketball, you tried amateur wrestling, even tennis, but nothing kept you interested? Maybe all of these sports are just too boring for you and don’t get your adrenaline up like you need to. What you need is something a little more “extreme”. Well, have you thought about skating?

If you go right now and ask your parents about buying you skates, they’ll probably refuse this request on the grounds that this is too “extreme” and “dangerous”, or at least so they heard. But don’t allow them to believe in those movies where skating is portrayed like some sort of a bloody sport where guys chase one another through walls of fire and try to trip their opponents with chains, leaving them in a pool of their own blood. Skating is no more dangerous than football or basketball. Sure, people do fall of the skates now and then, especially when they are not careful or when they miscalculate the distance they have to jump over or their skill, but if you wear protection, like a helmet or protection for knees and elbows, you can minimize the risk of injury greatly.

Furthermore, the risk of getting injured while skating is even more reduced if you skate in an area that is specifically designed for this and not on the parking lot or on the street. Believe me, nothing is lost when it comes to fun here. One of such places is the Silver City Skateland in Massachusetts. This huge skating floor complex offers both private and group lessons for everybody who wants to learn how to skate or want to improve their skills. The lessons are held by some coaches Anthony DaPonte, Ray Simas, Jim Fitzgibbon and Dorothy DeRemer, all of them being masters of roller skating.

If you consider yourself to be really good on roller skates, you can always participate in the Mass Attack Roller Derby which is a flat track roller league held every year here. The only condition is that you are above 18 years old. You can check out their Facebook or Twitter page, email them on their gmail account, or you can just go to the rink and find out what you need to know directly.

Silver City Skateland - Fun For The Whole Family-03Of course, most people come here for an occasional fun and not because they want to become professional roller skaters. Silver City Skateland is opened for those as well. If you are interested in this, you can check their weekly schedule and see when you can skate. Most of the schedules last for 2 or 3 hours and the admission fee is 5 to 7 dollars, plus 3$ for renting the skates.

So, if you love roller skating, whether as a competitive sport or simply as something that is fun, you should visit Sliver City Skateland and try it out here. Believe me, you won’t find a better place to do that for miles around.

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Just a Few Things About Silver City Skateland

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